Secret to a Happy Marriage

Well, I don't know if this is a secret, more like observations.

Things I've purchased lately: J Crew pumps (on sale), Cole Haan wedges (also on sale). I can't turn down a cute shoe on sale!

Things my husband has purchased lately: a log splitter, a hog trap (for feral hogs), about a million pounds of deer corn

Shows on my DVR: GLEE, Ringer, How I Met Your Mother

Shows on my husband's DVR: North American Hunter, NRA Sports Under Wild Skies, Goin Country, Primal Instinct TV- Bear Hunt

Catalogs I receive- Pottery Barn, Boden, J Crew

Catalogs my husband receives- Cabela's, Midway

Edited to add: Our Kindergartener has homework to disguise Tom Turkey from the hunters. Want to take a guess on what animal my husband is taking our other daughter out hunting soon?

Sometimes I wonder how we are even married. Yeesh. In case you are wondering, yes, I did (unknowingly) marry Ted Nugent!

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